About Strategic Bushfire Management Planning Process

Strategic bushfire management planning is about bringing together land and fire managers, communities and stakeholders to develop a common understanding of bushfire risk and determine the most appropriate management strategies and actions to reduce that risk.

This planning is informed by world-leading, bushfire behaviour modelling and research into community values that can be affected by bushfires. It brings together multiple perspectives to set agreed objectives for regional and landscape scale bushfire management.

Strategic planning is being jointly delivered by Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic), the Country Fire Authority (CFA), Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), and local government, in partnership with local Traditional Owners.

A current focus of strategic bushfire management planning is fuel management on both private and public land. In the past, this type of planning has predominantly been undertaken only for public land.

Another change from the previous plans is the transition from bushfire risk landscapes to regions for planning purposes. Strategic bushfire management planning is taking place across six regions:

  • Metropolitan
  • Barwon South West
  • Grampians
  • Loddon Mallee
  • Hume
  • Gippsland

Fuel management involves the removal of bushfire fuels from the landscape and can include activities such as planned burning, clearing, mulching and slashing.

Other bushfire management actions may also be included in this round of planning. A trial is being run in Gippsland and Loddon Mallee regions to include ignition prevention programs, such as patrolling and bushfire awareness, and first attack bushfire response.

The new strategies will bring together existing plans, strategies and understandings of risk, including Regional Strategic Fire Management Plans, the DELWP and Parks Victoria’s Strategic Bushfire Management Plans for public land, and the Victorian Fire Risk Register-Bushfire (VFRR-B).

The strategic bushfire management planning process will enable agencies and communities to set clear objectives and devise strategies to achieve them. It will result in a common understanding of risk, and a common plan for reducing it. Strategic bushfire management planning will inform more detailed operational level planning, including municipal fire prevention planning, fire operations planning and readiness and response planning. We will be able to target our actions effectively and efficiently to reduce risk, while maintaining and enhancing the things Victorians value.

Page last updated: 20/10/20